The Gift for the Mom who IS Everything

What do you get for the mom who has everything? A spa day? Feels like we do that every year.  One of those robot vacuum cleaners? Wow, those things cost way more than I expected…maybe next year. A craft made by the kids? Lord knows I want to but glue, scissors, and glitter plus my kids is really becoming hazardous for everyone involved.

Now that Ashley has been a mom for 10 years this isn’t our first Mother’s Day rodeo. So, at this point I’ve literally given her every gift imaginable over the years. Not that I’m giving up by any means, but I do find myself digging deeper and deeper each year to pull off a great Mother’s Day for her. Mothers’ Day is tough – how do you do justice to someone who literally let a person live inside of them for 9 months sucking the life out of them and then actually still takes care of the cute little parasite after that? Hallmark just can’t do that type of sacrifice justice. But alas we must try our hardest gentlemen.

And then there’s the Fathers’ Day one up that you have to get ahead of.  Flashback to last year where as usual I said please don’t buy me anything big. And she agreed. And then she proceeded to buy me something anyway. Last year it was AirPods. Seriously AirPods?! I mean they are cool and all but geez I would never buy something like that for myself…especially when Apple gives you nice free corded ones with every $800 phone you buy.  Those should be good enough for the parent who never had to grow a human inside of them right? This only complicates the Mothers’ Day dilemma.  However, I realized that there is a bit of a formula to this thing that I’ll let you all in on.  Mothers’ Day gifts tend to fall into 4 types which if executed properly – convey the perfect message of appreciation:

The gift of time and relaxation – for us this has been anything from a planned date night or just cleaning the house from top to bottom. The goal here is to give your wife a break from all of the mundane stuff that has to be done so that she can just have a moment to herself.  You can dress it up with ‘chore coupons’ to put yourself to work at a later time or you can outsource to the good folks at Merry Maids.  If cooking is your thing take that on single handedly for at least a day or maybe the whole week if you’re up to the task.  So break out the broom, get those pots a rattling, or fellas let’s fold some clothes a la J Cole to show our appreciation.

An expression of love and gratitude – for all of that super awesome mother stuff. It can be the nice card with a heartfelt message, but there’s so much more you can cover with this one.  The journals that the kids can complete with mom to capture memories are really cool keepsakes too.  In case you haven’t noticed you are actually half through this year’s expression. Yes hopping on the blog here for a surprise guest Mother’s Day post is my weapon of choice. Now that’s next level.

Something cute with the kids’ faces on – It’s funny how it seems like we’re always yelling at our two little ones for something or other. “Stop hitting each other”, “go wash that off quickly”, “how could you ever think that was a good idea?” – but beyond all of that they are still our tiny little humans that are blossoming into awesome people more and more every day.  At the end of the day these moments while they are young are fleeting so what better way to capture their essence than to plaster them on magnets, coffee mugs, mouse pads, and all sorts of other random things?  Walgreens and Shutterfly my friends. They work magic over there.

An expensive gift – Disclaimer, this is only if your budget is willing and able.  Another point, and dare I say it, something in this category is almost unnecessary if you nail the other types.  Because no matter how expensive you go here, this can’t replace actually putting some thought and energy into other types of gifts. This is simply the Cherry on top that no woman can turn down. Because at the end of the day….AirPods are pretty cool little contraptions.  I also hear purses, shoes, and robot vacuums work too.

Gifts aside, Mothers’ Day is just a time where we have to take a moment to honor the women that pour into us and our children and give so much of themselves. I’m always in awe of how Ashley is soooo much more on top of this parenting thing in general than me. No, I did not remember to send in money for Alyssa’s field trip. I also did not remember to pay Ashton’s day care for this week. And yes…I did let them eat cake and a piece of candy after dinner. I think I do pretty good most days, but she is the superior parent here.

So today I think one of the best gifts we can give is really one of the simplest. Take a moment to go beyond the quick ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ greeting and to specifically acknowledge what having a wife who is an awesome mom too really means to you.  Here is my heartfelt thank you for not just preparing meals and cleaning faces but for raising our children to love God, for praying with me through my personal struggles, and for loving me unconditionally. Thanks for holding our family together. No gift will ever be able to repay you for that.

To all of the moms out there, we love you and appreciate you today and every day!

In parting…a wise poet once said “There’s no way that I can pay you back but the plan is to show you that I understand – you are appreciated” (that’s Tupac by the way…in case you didn’t catch that).

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2 thoughts on “The Gift for the Mom who IS Everything

  1. Wow Carlton…!!! You really do get it! This was a wonderful tribute to your wife, family and Mother’s Day from start to finish. Well written and every man should take time to read this…This is a keeper. God bless the works of your hands and bless you for all you do the kingdom.
    Mama Powell

  2. What can I say! What a beautiful way to tell your wife that you love her! Enough said. Love mama POWELL

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