10 Questions That Can Make Physical Intimacy Last a Lifetime

Believe it or not sex is only one part of physical intimacy. That’s a shocker because early on in our marriage I use to think it was all about the sex.  It seems like back in the early days of our marriage Carlton and I would hop in the bed together and VOILA magic happened and we were instantly connected in a way like nothing else.

However as time marched on we’ve come to realize that there is more to physical intimacy than just doing the deed.  As our lives filled up with more demanding jobs, children’s activities, and other obligations it seems like making it to the bedroom can be a challenge.  So we’re faced with the questions of how to make sure that we stay connected between those encounters and when we do find ourselves between the sheets how to get the most out of those intimate moments.  Unfortunately, those little things like cuddling on the sofa, holding hands while walking through the mall, and a kiss after work can easily get lost in the shuffle of a busy life.  Continue reading “10 Questions That Can Make Physical Intimacy Last a Lifetime”

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