Spiritual Intimacy in Marriage

June 27th marked the two year anniversary of Carlton and I attending Elevation Church.   But it was much more than just a church anniversary for us; truth be told it was actually the anniversary of when we made a decision to open up our marriage to create spiritual intimacy, a type of intimacy that we didn’t even know our marriage needed.  I honestly thought that because we went to church regularly and volunteered as a couple in children’s church that we were all good in terms of connecting on a spiritual level.  But I was so wrong!!  Spiritual intimacy is much more than just attending church together as a couple or serving on a committee, it is connecting together with our faith and living out our COMMITMENT to God and his PURPOSE for our marriage. Our spiritual intimacy began to grow the moment we said YES to our friends’ invitation to visit Elevation Church.  It wasn’t necessarily changing churches that increased our spiritual intimacy but rather the shift in our thinking about how being spiritually connected could impact our marriage.  The people that surrounded us at our new church helped us see how big of an influence spiritual intimacy can play in growing and strengthening marriages. So ask yourself this question… 

“How close are we spiritually as a couple?”

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