Money Matters: Balancing the Budget

Why budget?? I’ve asked myself that question a million times and when you think about it who really likes to budget anyway? When you hear the word budget you probably picture a boring spreadsheet that’s more trouble than it’s worth – it’s detailed oriented, restrictive, and time consuming!

But let’s be realistic; a budget truly helps couples prioritize their spending, set joint financial goals, and reduce marital conflicts. There’s no one size fits all method when it comes to budgeting so it’s important to find a budget approach that works for your family. This week in our Money Matters series Brad and Christy King talk with us about their approach to budgeting and how they make it fit their busy lifestyle.

Brad was working as a pharmacist at Bi-Lo about 17 years ago during Christmas time when he and Christy first crossed paths. Like many workplaces around Christmas time, things can get tight with people being out of town and not working regular hours, especially for those that are stuck working like Brad. Luckily for Brad, when one of his coworkers was out of town not only did they find a great back up pharmacy technician to fill the shifts, he also found his future wife! While working together Brad fell for Christy’s youthful charm as she was smitten by his dry sense of humor that kept her laughing.
Now after being married for nearly 13 years, Brad and Christy are still working together. No, not in the pharmacy where they first met – but as busy parents keeping up with their three children and full time jobs. They’ve learned a lot about each other over the years, especially in the area of finances. For example, they’ve found that Brad is better at seeing the entire picture and does not get as stressed as Christy does when dealing with money. Recognizing qualities like this about each other allows them to play to their strengths when developing and managing a budget. Read on to see how Brad and Christy continue to work together in managing their family’s budget…

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