Social Intimacy: Our Favorite “US” Memories

Last week I was scrolling through Instagram as I frequently do and one post in particular caught my eye.  It wasn’t really the entire post that grabbed my attention, but just a small piece of it….it read,

Complete this sentence, “One of my favorite US memories is…..”

Of course I immediately started trying to narrow down me and Carlton’s “favorite US memories” and then I did what any wife would do – screamed upstairs “Carlton what is our favorite US memory?”, and before we knew it we were talking about all the great times we’ve shared and the experiences we’ve enjoyed together.  And that’s when it dawned on me….social intimacy is what keeps marriage fun and interesting. 

When you think of all the moments that you’ve shared with your spouse, whether they are grand events or special quiet moments, planned outings or spontaneous adventures, those unique memories are what creates the social intimacy of your relationship.  Sharing these times together help to create a bond between you and your spouse that strengthens your relationship not only there in that moment, but also by creating fond memories to reflect back on when you’re in the trenches of work, kids, and the  monotony of day to day life.

Of course we had a hard time narrowing down our Favorite “US” memories, but the fun part was reliving the experiences and then realizing that some were so much fun that we want to do them again.  We thought we’d share some of our favorite ones with you that helped us grow closer as we spent time together. 

  1. Binge Watch an Entire Series—so there was this one time where we may or may not have watched the entire series of Desperate Housewives…foregoing showers, meals, and all other responsibilities. But it was totally worth it! 
  1. Bike Riding in San Francisco—neither one of us had even sat on a bike since our childhood and let’s just say we were both a little rusty. But hey, we survived and nobody got embarrassed. It’s like the old saying goes….you never forget how to ride a bike.
  1. Obama Inauguration—Did somebody say ROAD TRIP??….who doesn’t love waking up at the crack of dawn, standing outside in the freezing cold on the National Mall for hours with nothing to eat because we forgot to get cash…but being there to experience that once in a lifetime event together – PRICELESS!
  1. Painting an Entire House—we had just moved into our first home together and unfortunately the previous owner thought that blood red and big bird yellow were perfect color choices for an entire house. But when you’re young, broke, and full of energy painting it yourself sounds like such a great idea.  This one was a really great bonding experience, but it’s safe to say we don’t do too much painting anymore after that.  
  1. Launching Unspoken Vows—who knew that launching this blog would bring us closer together. Sharing our struggles, experiences, and memories with you all has been a great opportunity for us to work together and learn more about each other and our marriage.  

These are just some of our favorite memories, but as you can see whether they are large or small they are uniquely ours.  No matter what season your marriage is in, building social intimacy with your spouse is important.  So this week carve out a little time to do something together or just talk about all the fun times you’ve shared.

We’d love to feature your favorite “US” memory on our blog or social media….send us a picture and a brief description of your memory to so we can showcase your LOVE!

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