Is Your Vision Bored???

As the ball in Times Square drops, we pucker up our lips to get that 1st kiss of the year, and make a list of goals hoping to better our lives, relationships, and career.  2018.  New Year. New Me. New You. New Marriage. Ok, maybe not a NEW marriage—but definitely a newly improved marriage.

But sometime between January 1st and March-ish we tend to forget all about our goals and fall right back into our same routine.  And before we know it, the whole year goes by and we have a hard time trying to remember what we accomplished or how God has moved in our lives.

I normally love the New Year – the idea of starting over, the symbolism of something fresh, and having new beginnings.  But this year it was different…I was different.  For some reason, I didn’t feel very accomplished and honestly I was struggling to pinpoint what I achieved in 2017.

As I was driving to work last week, I was thinking about things that hadn’t gone right, prayers that hadn’t been answered, and all that I felt was wrong in my life and God whispered to me and said start saying aloud all the things that I have done for you and blessed you with recently.  I started rattling them off and it’s as if God revealed to me that he is here providing, answering my prayers, and giving me the desires of my heart. Have you ever had a moment where God revealed his goodness and faithfulness to you?  Showed you all the amazing things that have happened in your life that you inadvertently forgotten about?

It was in that moment that I realized what was missing from our marriage vision and goals–we didn’t have a way to visualize all the things that we had accomplished or all that God blessed us with.  I recognized that we didn’t want to go into another year without having a visual tool to remind us what we want to achieve, how we want to feel throughout the year, and clarify our goals and dreams.  And hopefully having some type of visual highlight reel would help us to avoid the frustration of wrapping up another year and not having an easy way to reflect back on our accomplishments.  

We had our vision and goals laid out and ready to tackle 2018 (which I wrote about in the last two posts One Word. One Vision. and #MarriageGoals) but we needed that extra motivation and inspiration to help clarify and carry them out.  So what did we do???? We decided to jump on the Vision Board bandwagon!! I’ll admit we were a little skeptical at first, thinking do we really need another thing to do, but after thinking through all of the advantages of creating one it was definitely worth a shot. 

So if you’re like us you might be asking “Why Do a Marriage Vision Board”?

We found that one of the great things about a vision board is that it brings your goals and aspirations to life.  Let’s face it, your list of shared goals is a must have but it’s not the most glamorous thing to look at.  It’s the somewhat mundane list of all the things you need to accomplish in the coming year but it’s not necessarily inspiring on its own.  Some might even say that a list of goals and a simple vision statement come dangerously close to being boring.  On the other hand, a vision board  brings those goals to life, along with the quotes, affirmations, and visuals that will keep you inspired towards reaching them.

Also creating a vision board is a fun activity that gives you a unique opportunity to spend some quality time with your spouse doing something creative.  We had a lot of fun picking out just the right pictures and inspirational quotes that represented our marriage, family, and future.

Ok, Sounds Interesting! What’s Next?

There’s no right or wrong way to create YOUR vision board. It’s a representation of your marriage.  Whether you decide to clip pictures from  your favorite magazine and glue them to poster board or go digital and use a vision board app, it doesn’t matter as long as it characterizes  your marriage and captures your shared dreams and aspirations.

We recently put the finishing touches on our 2018 vision board and we opted to do a digital one using the Hay House Vision Board App.  This worked out great for us because it was easily accessible and customizable with our own pictures and quotes. This method is also convenient because we can carry our vision board around in our pocket all year and whip it out at any time when we need to get recentered on our aspirations or need a quick pick me up.

So here’s a look at our final project –

In 2018, let’s decide to visualize our goals and dreams–and remember You Got This! 

We’d love to hear from you and see the awesome vision boards that you’ve come up with.   Share pictures of your vision boards in the comments!


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One thought on “Is Your Vision Bored???

  1. Hey Unspoken Vows,
    You did it yet again. This is a great message from you. The tool you are using (the vision board) is a powerful way to put the right images before your eyes that can remind a couple to stay focused, and it can work for so many things…meeting family goals, marriage goals, financial or health goals. I also like how you coupled the pictures/images along with also confessing and affirming the blessing from God which makes your goals even more tangible. Awesome idea 💡 and a great post! Thanks for sharing this one..👍🏿👍🏿Two thumbs up 😀

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