Money Matters: You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

“Family finance is a great opportunity to take marriage to a better level”

-Dave Ramsey

As married couples we all have similar issues and concerns as it relates to money and finances.  In this video, we sit down to tackle some questions submitted by couples like you.  Take a look to hear our perspectives and thoughts on some of the most common money questions.  

Money Matters | His, Hers, or Ours?

Managing money is hard.  Sharing money in a marriage can be even harder.  This week in our Money Matters series Enrico and Christina Chandler share the story of their journey towards taking control of their finances by blending their lives and money together.        

Enrico and Christina first crossed paths as strangers in a class at the University of South Carolina.  They noticed each other but nothing came of it – at least not immediately.  As fate would have it they would cross paths again 5 years later and strike up a conversation.  With a bit of help from a social media connection (Facebook to the rescue!), Enrico reached out to schedule a date….and the rest, as they say, is history.  Now after being married for five years the Chandlers are juggling full time jobs and a growing family, but are still able to hone in on the things that draw them together.  Enrico loves how Christina brings stability and logical thinking into their relationship, which helps him stay grounded.  While Christina loves Enrico’s drive to constantly improve himself as he strives to be the best husband, father, and person that he can be.

With a love story like this – strangers who barely noticed each other in a class only to reconnect years later and form a lasting marital bond – one might expect their finances to magically fall into place also, right? But truly connecting their finances and aligning them to shared goals proved to be a little more challenging than that.  Read on to see how Enrico and Christina faced some tough conversations and tough decisions,  but ultimately persevered to make shared money work for them….

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Money Matters | The Basics

Money is an age old problem in marriages.  One of the most common arguments among married couples centers around money and finances. For many years, finances caused undue stress and frustration within our marriage but over time we’ve learned some new and better approaches to handling our “money matters”.  Listen as we discuss some of the basic money related topics that can cause tension between couples.

Invest In Your Marriage

Stocks. Bonds.  Bear Market. Bull Market. Dow. NASDAQ.  Those are all the words that normally come to my mind when I hear the word invest.  But did you know that money isn’t the only thing you can invest?  Unfortunately, we don’t usually put the words MARRIAGE & INVEST together.  However, one of the most important things we can invest in is our marriages.

A few weeks ago I got a notification about a marriage seminar that my church was hosting and I scrolled to that date on my calendar.  When I got there, I saw a ridiculous amount of activities staring back at me that were already scheduled for that Saturday… Continue reading “Invest In Your Marriage”

Security: What Every Wife Needs

The other day Ashley was taking our son Ashton to Chick-Fil-A for dinner after a long work day.  Unfortunately, she left her debit card at Starbucks after a morning stop.  She also forgot her other debit card for a different account at home.  And we aren’t carrying credit cards anymore.  So as a last resort she called me to get the bank account login info so she could get an access code for the ATM.  But there was just one problem there too, I was helping coach our daughter Alyssa’s basketball team and didn’t have my phone on me. 

Long story short it made her long day even longer as she had to go all the way back home to get her card…And to add to the fun, Ashton had an “accident” in his clothes on the way.  It was a great night for all.

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Encouragement: What Every Husband Needs

Encouragement: An encouraging word. A note expressing appreciation. A quick “You Got This” text. It may seem like such a small act but it can be just what a person needs to lift their spirits or give them that much needed inspiration.

Last week I felt like I was being pulled in 100 different directions—work, volunteering at church, Girl Scout leader responsibilities, and of course my regular duties of being a mom and wife—and out of the blue a mom in my daughter’s girl scout troop sent me a text telling me how much she appreciated me and that the extra little things I do for our troop don’t go unnoticed.

You would have thought I just won the lottery with how happy I felt after reading her text.  Ok maybe not I just won the lottery level happiness but I was feeling pretty good.  Her kind words made all the difference to me, it immediately changed my mood and made me feel so much better about myself and my work. Her words made me think, “I can do it” and that my hard work is not in vain. Continue reading “Encouragement: What Every Husband Needs”

Get Connected: Staying Plugged Into Your Marriage

I’m here, but am I really HERE?!?!  That’s the question I asked myself as I sat in church last week listening to my pastor preach a message titled “Get Back In The Gate”. This message was about the “Danger of Disengagement” and Pastor Furtick made 2 statements that shook me to my core:

“Whenever you are disengaged you are not present and you begin to open doors for vulnerabilities”

“Don’t be above your life and not in it”

Have you ever had one of those moments in church when you feel like your pastor is talking directly to you, or think does my pastor have some supernatural power to know exactly what I’m going through?  That was me last week.  At that moment, my mind started playing scenes in my head where I had become disengaged in my marriage and with my family. Continue reading “Get Connected: Staying Plugged Into Your Marriage”

Is Your Vision Bored???

As the ball in Times Square drops, we pucker up our lips to get that 1st kiss of the year, and make a list of goals hoping to better our lives, relationships, and career.  2018.  New Year. New Me. New You. New Marriage. Ok, maybe not a NEW marriage—but definitely a newly improved marriage.

But sometime between January 1st and March-ish we tend to forget all about our goals and fall right back into our same routine.  And before we know it, the whole year goes by and we have a hard time trying to remember what we accomplished or how God has moved in our lives. Continue reading “Is Your Vision Bored???”