The Gift for the Mom who IS Everything

What do you get for the mom who has everything? A spa day? Feels like we do that every year.  One of those robot vacuum cleaners? Wow, those things cost way more than I expected…maybe next year. A craft made by the kids? Lord knows I want to but glue, scissors, and glitter plus my kids is really becoming hazardous for everyone involved.

Now that Ashley has been a mom for 10 years this isn’t our first Mother’s Day rodeo. So, at this point I’ve literally given her every gift imaginable over the years. Not that I’m giving up by any means, but I do find myself digging deeper and deeper each year to pull off a great Mother’s Day for her. Mothers’ Day is tough – how do you do justice to someone who literally let a person live inside of them for 9 months sucking the life out of them and then actually still takes care of the cute little parasite after that? Hallmark just can’t do that type of sacrifice justice. But alas we must try our hardest gentlemen.

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Security: What Every Wife Needs

The other day Ashley was taking our son Ashton to Chick-Fil-A for dinner after a long work day.  Unfortunately, she left her debit card at Starbucks after a morning stop.  She also forgot her other debit card for a different account at home.  And we aren’t carrying credit cards anymore.  So as a last resort she called me to get the bank account login info so she could get an access code for the ATM.  But there was just one problem there too, I was helping coach our daughter Alyssa’s basketball team and didn’t have my phone on me. 

Long story short it made her long day even longer as she had to go all the way back home to get her card…And to add to the fun, Ashton had an “accident” in his clothes on the way.  It was a great night for all.

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The Pressures of a CEO

What if I mess up?  Am I making the right decision?  Will my wife like the way I lead, better yet will she let me lead?  What if something doesn’t work out the way I planned it?  Whether you’re a new husband or a husband that’s been at it for some time, these are all questions that have probably crossed your mind at some point in your marriage.

Wives and submission get a lot of air time but what about the counterpart that talks about us husbands and leading our families?  I’m not afraid to say that leading can be a little intimidating sometimes.  It’s not exactly the same as running a Fortune 500 company but it comes close.  Like it or not when we said “I do” at the altar this is what we signed up for—being a leader. Continue reading “The Pressures of a CEO”

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Letter to My Wife: The Perfect Catch

Let me take you back hun…not just back to August 11th 2007 when we made it official and I married the most beautiful woman on earth.  Not back to 2006 when I got my first big time corporate America job plus signing bonus and thought I had really made it.  Not back to 2004 when I pledged Alpha Phi Alpha and had the greatest probate ever…featuring my super awesome 20 year old abs.  Sure those highlights are great but I want to go back a bit further….circa 1995.

This goes back to my earliest memory of you.  To set the stage of my 6th grade experience, I was what some might call ‘uncool’.  Glasses, Duckhead polos, LA Gears, & tight fitting jeans (I like to think I was just ahead of the times there).  It’s safe to say I didn’t fully understand ‘swag’ or geometry at the time much less women.  However, I do distinctly remember a beautiful, brown skin girl that had the sweetest spirit about her…and I was immediately hooked.  From that moment on I knew you were the one.  That was where our highlight started to develop.

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