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 Spiritual Intimacy in Marriage

June 27th marked the two year anniversary of Carlton and I attending Elevation Church.   But it was much more than just a church anniversary for us; truth be told it was actually the anniversary of when we made a decision to open up our marriage to create spiritual intimacya type of intimacy that we didn’t even know our marriage needed.  I honestly thought that because we went to church regularly and volunteered as a couple in children’s church that we were all good in terms of connecting on a spiritual level.  But I was so wrong!!  Spiritual intimacy is much more than just attending church together as a couple or serving on a committee, it is connecting together with our faith and living out our COMMITMENT to God and his PURPOSE for our marriage. Our spiritual intimacy began to grow the moment we said YES to our friends’ invitation to visit Elevation Church.  It wasn’t necessarily changing churches that increased our spiritual intimacy but rather the shift in our thinking about how being spiritually connected could impact our marriage...

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Social Intimacy: Our Favorite "US" Memories

Last week I was scrolling through Instagram as I frequently do and one post in particular caught my eye.  It wasn’t really the entire post that grabbed my attention, but just a small piece of it….it read,

Complete this sentence, “One of my favorite US memories is…..”

Of course I immediately started trying to narrow down me and Carlton’s “favorite US memories” and then I did what any wife would do – screamed upstairs “Carlton what is our favorite US memory?”, and before we knew it we were talking about all the great times we’ve shared and the experiences we’ve enjoyed together.  And that’s when it dawned on me….social intimacy is what keeps marriage fun and interesting.

Emotional Intimacy: The Key to a Strong Marriage

Have you ever heard stories about couples that have been married for 10, 15, or maybe even 20 years but feel like they don’t even know the person they’re married to?  Or maybe you have a friend that says I just don’t feel connected to my spouse anymore, I don’t know if we’re going to make it. My husband and I have been in that situation before – I remember sitting in counseling with Carlton thinking I just don’t feel connected to him like I used to be.  What happened to those intense, passionate, feelings that we had when we first got married?  Was it that the newness had worn off, were we no longer compatible, or had we just fallen out of love with each other?  Thankfully, the answer was none of the above…..the true issue was that we were lacking emotional intimacy!


10 Questions That Can Make Physical Intimacy Last a Lifetime

Believe it or not sex is only one part of physical intimacy. That’s a shocker because early on in our marriage I use to think it was all about the sex.  It seems like back in the early days of our marriage Carlton and I would hop in the bed together and VOILA magic happened and we were instantly connected in a way like nothing else.

However as time marched on we’ve come to realize that there is more to physical intimacy than just doing the deed.  As our lives filled up with more demanding jobs, children’s activities, and other obligations it seems like making it to the bedroom can be a challenge.  So we’re faced with the questions of how to make sure that we stay connected between those encounters and when we do find ourselves between the sheets how to get the most out of those intimate moments...